Through our affiliation with RBC Correspondent Services, our clients have access to products and services that allow investment flexibility.[1]



These products and services include the following: 
An Investment Access® Account
, which provides unlimited check writing; a Visa Platinum® Debit Card; electronic access for direct deposits, withdrawals and systematic investments; and convenient borrowing through marginable securities; 
Fee-based options
that provide access to professional money managers; numerous mutual fund investments in one easy-to-manage account; and an account that can contain stocks, mutual funds and other investments; 
Retirement plan accounts
that range from individual plans (traditional and Roth IRAs) to business retirement plans, such as 401(k) and SIMPLE plans; 
Fixed-income products
, including government, municipal, corporate and mortgaged-backed securities; 
Thousands of mutual funds from the country's most prominent mutual fund families;
Comprehensive account statements
with easy-to-read trade confirmations; and . An online tool for 24/7 access to client accounts that provides brokerage information, a daily market summary, company and mutual fund profiles, headline news, "most actives" on the market, quick charts, quotes — all the things needed to keep today's investor up-to-date.

[1] Please contact your Financial Advisor for further information about each of the products offered. Investments should not be made without reading the full disclosure on each product.