These dynamics also provide an incredible opportunity to transform your business into an innovative provider of financial solutions to your clients. The question is, “do you have the right business partner to become an innovator?”  

Many of my friends and colleagues over the years were raised at big companies with training programs, sales managers and well known brands.  Those firms have always done a great job of bringing folks into our industry.  But are they the right partner to help you innovate?  

Some of my other friends came into the business at big insurance companies.   Those firms have always done a great job of molding entrepreneurs.  But are they the right partner to help you innovate?  

At Liberty Partners we are seizing the moment and supporting our producers so they can harness the opportunity that exists in every instance of change.  We are helping them by investing in technology, by redefining what a compliance department should look like, and we are helping them by working one practice at a time to build a unique support plan so each of our producers have the opportunity to grow their practice dramatically through these times of change. 

I invite you to take a look around our website and check out our LinkedIn site as well as my personal LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  I think you will get a hint of how we view leveraging technology and how our dynamic compliance folks allow innovative marketing to drive activity.  If you like what you see please reach out to us, we’d love to get to know you.

Thanks for your interest in Liberty Partners.