Does Your Portfolio Fit You?

Many people our advisors meet with discover their portfolios are not in alignment with their perceptions about risk.

Strategic Asset Allocation

The underlying principle in asset allocation is the documented observation that different categories of investments have varying rates of return and levels of price volatility over time. By diversifying your investments over several asset classes, you may reduce risk and volatility while achieving strong returns.

Tactical asset allocation

Tactical asset allocation is a more dynamic, forward-looking form of asset allocation that seeks to adjust asset allocations to expose investors to capital building and to capital preservation opportunities based on macroeconomic and leading indicators for various markets, sectors and asset classes. The effects of globalization, market volatility and rapid economic changes over recent years have created renewed interest in this form of asset allocation.

Core Satellite Allocation

To take advantage of short-term tactical opportunities while not disrupting your long-term strategic allocation, you can structure your investment holdings into a “core” portfolio and a “satellite” portfolio.